John Lewis New CEO of the Harbor Bank of Maryland

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(BBR)  John Lewis has been appointed as the new CEO of the Harbor Bank of Maryland, taking over from Joseph Haskins Jr., who stepped down after 40 years of dedicated service. As the only Black-owned and -managed commercial bank in the state, the Harbor Bank has a long history of serving the black business community and promoting economic empowerment.

Lewis brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role. He served as President and CEO of the Baltimore Development Corporation, where he was instrumental in driving economic development and community empowerment initiatives. Prior to that, he held various leadership positions in the public and private sectors, including serving as Chief of Staff to the former Baltimore City Council President.

In addition to his extensive professional background, Lewis has also been an active member of the Harbor Bank's board of directors for over a decade. He has a deep understanding of the bank's operations and mission, and is committed to continuing its legacy of supporting black-owned businesses and promoting inclusive economic growth.

Under Lewis's leadership, the Harbor Bank plans to focus on expanding its reach and impact, developing new products and services to better serve the needs of its customers, and leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences. He also recognizes the bank's important role in advocating for racial equity and social justice, and plans to continue supporting community initiatives and advocating for policies that promote inclusive economic growth and address systemic inequalities.

The appointment of John Lewis as CEO of the Harbor Bank of Maryland is a significant development for the black business community in the state. With his extensive experience and commitment to promoting economic empowerment, Lewis is well-positioned to lead the bank into a new era of growth and success. We look forward to seeing the positive impact he will have on the bank and the broader community.