Reese has been dubbed the "Bayou Barbie

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(BBER) Angel Reese, a college athlete and women's basketball player at Louisiana State University (LSU), has become one of the biggest names in college sports after the 2023 women's NCAA tournament. Reese's NIL (name, image, and likeness) value has skyrocketed to $1.3 million, making her the third-highest-paid woman in college sports. Reese has over 17 NIL deals with companies such as Amazon Merch, McDonald's, and Bose. Additionally, Reese has a social media following of 3.6 million people across Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Reese's on-court skills are also impressive; she averaged a double-double with 23 points and 15.4 rebounds per game, and she was named the 2023 Women's Final Four Most Outstanding Player. Despite her success, Reese is only a sophomore and has not declared for the WNBA draft. She has stated in a recent podcast that she is in no rush to go to the WNBA due to the amount of money she is making in college.

Reese has been dubbed the "Bayou Barbie" because of her on-court style and pre-game routine. Her agent has noted that Reese likes to get her nails and lashes done before games. This exposure has sparked both love and hate from fans on social media. During the women's NCAA championship game, Reese taunted Caitlyn Clark, pointing to her hand where she planned to put her championship ring and waving her hand in front of her face. Reese's actions drew criticism, but her success is also drawing more attention to women's college sports. SponsorUnited notes that deals for women's college basketball athletes grew 186%, the second-largest area of growth for new deals behind football.

Reese's success also highlights the opportunities for female athletes to earn money through NIL deals. The average female basketball player partners with three brands, compared to two for men. Reese's popularity and success are not only benefiting her but also raising the profile of college women's sports as a whole.

Reese Brands Herself as the "Bayou Barbie"

Reese, a rising star in women's basketball, is not only making waves on the court but also off the court. Known for her on-court play style and pre-game routine, Reese has branded herself as the "Bayou Barbie."

Reese's agent revealed that the nickname "Bayou Barbie" came from her love for getting her nails and lashes done before games. Reese has always been vocal about her love for fashion and beauty, and she doesn't shy away from expressing herself through her appearance.

But it's not just her pre-game routine that has caught people's attention. Reese's play on the court has also been impressive. As a forward for Louisiana State University (LSU), Reese has already made a significant impact on the team. In her freshman year, she averaged 12.5 points and 6.8 rebounds per game, earning her SEC Freshman of the Year honors.

Reese's sophomore season was even more impressive, as she led LSU in points per game, rebounds per game, and steals per game. She was also named to the All-SEC First Team and earned honorable mention All-American honors.

Reese's style of play is characterized by her aggressiveness, athleticism, and versatility. She can score from the perimeter, attack the basket, and defend multiple positions. Her energy on the court is infectious, and her passion for the game is undeniable.

Off the court, Reese is just as impressive. She's an advocate for mental health awareness and has been open about her struggles with anxiety. She's also involved in community service and has worked with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Reese's success both on and off the court has made her a role model for young girls and aspiring basketball players. She's shown that you can be passionate about basketball and still express yourself through fashion and beauty. She's also shown that it's okay to be open about mental health and seek help when you need it.

As Reese continues to make waves in the world of women's basketball, her brand as the "Bayou Barbie" is only going to become more prominent. But it's her talent, hard work, and dedication to the game that will continue to make her a powerhouse in the sport.