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A lot of what we know about the iPhone 12 range is suddenly in doubt and it’s not all good news. But now new information has revealed that everyone is in for a shock when it comes to Apple’s most exciting new model.

In an eye-opening exclusive, hugely popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApplePro) has revealed that Apple’s all-new (cut-price) 5.4-inch iPhone 12 will be the smallest iPhone the company has sold in years. The result is the truly compact yet premium device millions have wanted ever since smartphones grew to the size of tablets. 

06/20 Update: Koroy has followed up his chassis leaks with new information on the CADs that allowed him to mold the full iPhone 12 line-up. He explains that "examining these CADs we can tell that they are definitely recent, they are not the old December ones from 2019 which had the smart connector [since moved to the 2021 iPhone]... and these molds paint a completely different picture than what was suggested." Changes include a larger camera layout with different lens spacing and, crucially, no smaller notch and no LiDAR sensor. That said, the same caveats remain about the details Apple is likely to be holding back from case makers, who are believed to be the source of these latest CADs once again. Given the stunning design detail we have already seen based on previous leaks, even Koroy hopes his sources are wrong. Either way, there is a clear split developing in the leaker community over whether Apple will be delivering a major design update with the iPhone 12 or simply a flat-edged clone of the iPhone 11 models.

“People who love tiny phones are in for a treat with the new 5.4-in iPhone. Smaller than a new SE!” exclaimed Koroy, who illustrated this using a new mold of the handset alongside Apple’s recently released 4.7-inch (gen 2) iPhone SE. 

Apple achieves this because the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 uses a bezel-less design. And Koroy has further good news, explaining that the large notch you see in the video is unlikely to be final. That’s because the mold comes from schematics given to case makers. While case makers need extremely accurate dimensions, they don’t need the information about the notch or number of cameras so Apple uses the previous design.

How small exactly is the new 5.4-inch iPhone 12? Koroy has yet to provide exact measurements, but they look close to the early dimensions attained by Macotakara back in February. I have put them below, alongside official dimensions of other iPhones for context: 

5.4-inch iPhone 12: 131 x 64 mm (5.15 x 2.51-inches)
4.7-inch iPhone SE (2020): 138 x 67 mm (5.43 x 2.65-inches)
4-inch iPhone SE (2016): 123 x 58 mm (4.84 x 2.28-inches)
5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro: 144 x 71.4 mm (5.67 x 2.81 x 0.32-inches)

You’ll spot that the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 is also narrower than the 4.7-inch iPhone SE. This is because Apple’s bezel-less design uses a display with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio which is longer and narrower than the 16:9 ratio used in both iPhone SE models. 

Downsides? The big omissions are the 120Hz ProMotion Display and new LiDAR sensor heading to iPhone 12 Pro models, while the optical zoom lens will again remain a Pro-exclusive in 2020. That said, the 5.4-inch iPhone 12, like the (newly renamed) 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Max, will have 5G, step up to an OLED display and use the same primary cameras and ballistic new A14 chipset as the Pros. 

So while smartphone fans will have heated debates about whether Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro models beat the competition, what’s far more interesting is no rival has anything to compete with the size+specifications of the 5.4-inch iPhone 12. For me, that makes it 2020’s most exciting smartphone